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About Ms. McKinnon

Gershwin's Snow Adventure 

(December 2016)

Hi Everyone!


I'm Ms. McKinnon and I'm thrilled to be coming back Riverbend this year for year #5! I'm originally from West Monroe, LA but grew up in LA, KY, AR, IN, and TX! I attended Henderson State University for my Bachelor's degree and did my Master of Music through Texas A&M - Commerce. Before becoming a teacher, I worked for Walt Disney World. It is definitely one of my fondest memories. 


Before coming to Riverbend, I taught K-5 music in Carrollton, TX for 5 years and one year in Corvallis, OR. In addition to K-5, I've worked with high school percussion ensembles, private percussion, and private piano instruction. I grew up in a musical family and am so grateful to have watched two incredible musicians share their passion with others. There was something electric about watching my mother's students and now I have the opportunity to watch my own grow and develop into beautiful, expressive young artists. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child's education!



When I'm not teaching, I enjoy traveling (34 states and 9 countries so far), crossword puzzles, checking out the incredible restaurants in the area, learning to dance West Coast Swing, and hanging with my fur baby - Gershwin. Yes, he's named for the composer. Of course!

Looking forward to a fabulous year together.

-Ms. McKinnon



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