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Trying to remember what we did in class so you know what to practice? No worries! Click the music notes beside this to see our agenda from each class.      

Weekly Agenda


Students will complete notespeller drills each week. Completed drills are due every Tuesday. The goal of these drills are to increase fluency of reading notes on the staff. Ask someone to time you while you name the notes or you can set a stopwatch for yourself. If you're not sure the note name, that's okay! Use the papers in your folder to help you. After all, they only work if you use them. Click on your instrument below for this week's drill. 






If you need a little extra help knowing which notes live where, use the cheat sheets! You'll have a copy in your folder but they're also here in case something happens. These papers show you where notes live on the staff, which string plays each note, and which finger tape goes with each note. These are your best friend when it comes to reading new music. Click your instrument's picture to download your cheat sheet. 


      Don't forget to practice our daily warmup, ANTS. If you are a violinist, you play on the E-A-D-G words. Viola & Cello players, you rest during "E" and then play the A-D-G-C words. Make sure to use a metronome to help keep a steady beat. Only go as fast as you can be successful. 

Start slowly. Set the metronome to 60bpm to start and see if you can keep a steady pulse and transition your hand between strings in time. If you need to go slower, do it. Only go as fast as your can be successful. :) 


Weekly Assignments & Lessons



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