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Weekly Lesson Archive

Welcome to the Archives! If you missed any lessons or simply want to rewatch them, you're in the right spot. Current week's lessons are on the "Music Class at Home" page but will get moved here each Sunday. 

Each week's lessons will be compiled into playlists so this page doesn't get too clunky. All you've got to do it click the image and you'll go straight to the playlists. 

Happy Music Making! 

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Weekly Lessons:

Week of 4/27

Welcome Back! 

Polynesian Title.jpg

Week of 5/11

Polynesian Week

Bollywood Dance.jpg

Week of 5/26

More Asian Cultures

John Williams.jpg

Week of 5/4

John Williams Week

Taiko Drum.jpg

Week of 5/18

Japanese Week

Bucket Drums.jpg

Week of 6/1

Bucket Drumming Week



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