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Story Time

I may not have my red chair at home with me, but cozy on up and join me for some of our favorite stories. You may even find that some of our puppet pals make guest appearances! 

Underlined titles have linked videos of me reading. I'm still working on getting all the titles recorded so check back regularly. 



Jazz Month: 

The Jazz Fly

Jazz on a Saturday Night

Jazz Cats

If I Only Had a Horn

Mister and Lady Day

A Tisket, a Tasket

Duke Ellington

Nursery Rhymes: 

Famous Songs: 

Little Bunny Foo Foo

We All Sing with the Same Voice

Singing in the Rain

Sunshine on my Shoulders

My Favorite Things

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Drummer Hoff


Up, Up, Down

Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo


The Cat's Baton is Gone

Burung Kakatua

Oh, Little Rabbit

The Pout Pout Fish



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