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Video Library

You can enjoy a limitless number of concerts and performances right from the comfort of your house. It's a great way to hear instruments both familiar and new, learn about different styles of music, and maybe even find a new favorite song!

Acoustic Performance


Eugene Symphony Orchestra

  • Join condutor Francesco Lecce-Chong every Monday at 10am for a Link Up! lesson. 

Seattle Symphony

  • "Morning Notes" series introduces a different instrument each day. 

London Symphony Orchestra

  • Interactive experience where you get to choose where to "sit in" with the musicians. 

Metropolitan Opera

  • Each day, a new recording is released for free viewing.  

Detroit Symphony

  • Full performances available to stream for free.

Global Sounds: 

Click the continents below to hear traditional music from around the world. 

*These links will go live May 4th. 

South America.png

For Fun: 



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