Classrooms are busy, exciting, magical places! Within their walls, students become inventors, researchers, decoders, leaders, problem solvers, and much more. We teachers really do have the best job in the world but we couldn't do it without the tireless efforts and bottomless hearts of volunteers. 

Now, the music room may not seem like the likeliest of places needing volunteers but that's where you're mistaken. Costumes, props, and sets are massive undertakings that can always use an extra hand or two. Maybe craftiness isn't your thing. That's okay! Simply asking if there's anything you can help with is appreciated. 

Our classroom is always on the lookout for ways to explore and create new music whether it be with new instruments or props such as puppets and ribbon streamers. You can keep tabs on our current wish list by visiting our Donors Choose page. All resources received through Donors Choose will become property of Riverbend Elementary and used by our incredible students to learn, love, and make music together!

Click the button below to check out our current project and how close we are to being funded! 

2018-2019 was a very generous year! We had 5 projects successfully funded this year! In July, our project "A Whacky Good Time!" was funded and we received three sets of Boomwhackers, ocatavtor caps, and 2 books of Boomwhacker repertoire. In October, our second project "Extra, Extra, Read All About It!" was funded and we received 16 wonderful new books all about different aspects of music. We're on a roll everyone! Right at the end of November our project for a dozen ukuleles were funded and I can't wait to share them with students in the spring. In May, we got a hefty load of orchestra accessories and then over the summer, our project "From Crayons to Composer" was funded so we'll be adding 6 new glockenspiels to our room this fall. 


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Volunteers are Superheroes in Disguise!



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