Distance Learning Info:  Decisions regarding orchestra have not been made. Reassure the parents that once you know more, you will be sure and pass the information along. In the meantime, you can encourage parents to have their child focus on the 'soft start' and adjusting to the re-start of school, in a new and different way....and reconnecting with their classmates. (Suzy Price, 4/8/2020) 
In the meantime, my best advice is to continue practicing what we worked on together in rehearsal. Practicing note names is always a good idea and something you can do even without the instrument in your hands. My challenge to you is see how many words you can create with the musical alphabet (A-G). Write them out out on your correct staff using whatever you find around the house - beans, pennies, tiny rocks, etc. 
Music Staves: Treble Clef (violin), Alto Clef (viola), Bass Clef (cello)
Beginning Orchestra Information
Springfield Public Schools offers a an optional beginning orchestra program for interested 5th graders. We are so fortunate our district makes music education a priority and provides such an incredible orchestra opportunity for our students. Toward the middle of September, 5th grade classes will learn about this ensemble and receive interest packets. 
Thinking about joining? Be sure you can...
  1. Attend after school rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday until 3:50. 
  2. Arrange transportation home because buses are not available. 
  3. Dedicate yourself to an ensemble! We're a team and just like a football team's practices are only so effective without a kicker, we need EVERYONE here to be our best! 
  4. Practice at home. You're not going to become confident on your instrument without it. :)

After School Strings Program