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Wonderful Websites

There's tons of ways to make music online! Some of you have explored sites like Incredibox, Chrome Music Lab, and the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra in class. Check out some familiar things and explore tons of new ideas. 

A Boy and His Tablet Device



  • Create your own beatboxing arrangements. 4 free versions. 

Chrome Music Lab

  • Try the different apps and use these task cards to guide your thinking.


  • Invite your friends to create songs with you or create your own. 

Creatability by Google

African Drum Generator

  • A popular drumming style of Ghana, Benin, & Togo; mix your own arrangements. 

Opera Generator


Musicplay Online

  • Students have free access until 7/31.

  • Login Info: 

    • User Name: snow​

    • Password: 2020

Bucket Drumming

  • Free student access until 5/31 to lots of routines. (4th/5th grade: This is Sammy!)

  • Login Info: 

    • User Name: student​

    • Password: FosterRhythm!@#


  • Create some instruments at home and play along!

Visual Musical Minds

  • YouTube channel with rhythm videos, foreign language, and more. 


The Singing Space

  • A place where teacher upload themselves singing. Anyone can listen & enjoy! 

Postmodern Juicebox

  • A kids channel from the popular jazz group Postmodern Jukebox. 

Classical Kids Storytime

  • Well-known children's stories accompanied by instrumental selections. 

Musical Instrument Museum (Phoenix)


Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

  • Go on a musical safari to collect the instruments of the orchestra. 

New York Philharmonic

San Francisco Symphony

Pattern Memory

Word Warrior

  • Decode the words made up using the treble clef pitches.



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